Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winners for SR's Handbound Books!

by using generator, here i announce the two winners of SR's handbound books. congratulation!! :D

to the winners, i will email you after this and i'm expecting for your respond by 7 Dec 2010. or else, new winners will be picked :)

for those who did not win, i'm so sorry but don't be sad. stay tune for another giveaway next year!

love, As {♥}


Ann said...

congratulations to the lucky winners

Huda said...

congratz to all winners! said...

Congrats !!

Allycat said...

How lucky are these 2 girls! Well done! x

*Idina* said...

As, betol ke ni????? Waaaaaaa! Sangat sukaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!! x0x0! muahks!!

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