Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giveaway Posted!

first of all, sorry my dear two lucky ladies.. i've just manage to find ample time to pack the books. huhu~ since this is my first time posting books ─you know with quilling decorations to be protected, i try to figure out how can i post it? hmmmm~

and then one night, TING! the idea come when i realize that i have large amount of corrugated papers which i bought years ago! hahah. so here they are, personally made by me (well not really perfect actually, but i like it!); *tada!* ^__^

the book (wrapped with bubble wrapper) with some simple handmade note card 

almost done: the box! :D

finishing touches: winners' name written on doily papers

hope they arrive safely! ♥

p/s: thanks to saza from ShareYourLoveWithCards for giving me the doilies and embellishments for the note cards! ^__^ oh still remember i owe her swap card. huhu (-_-)'


MisFyd said...

Luv the box!!!! =)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

WOw....cantiknya kotak tu As buat...those two winners are so so so lucky!!!

Erpha Ahdayani. said...

huhu... how i wish i was the winner!

one day, if time permits, can you design a planner for me? i plan and write and sketch my designs and wish i could have beautiful planner/books that are really 'me'.

*Idina* said...

Wooooooooooohooooooo!!! Thank you As!! Can't wait!!


nasuha ahmad helmi said...

cantik la kotak ni..seriusss...nampak mahal je...=)

Ann said...

brilliant idea with the corrugated paper

As said...

kak fid: thank you! ♥

kak lin: thank you! ♥ heheh, tapi tak taula kak bila dipos. mcm senang koyak jek. kalau nak perfect kne wat lapis² sket :)

erpha: sure can erpha. insyaAllah by early next year as lapang sket. nati bila dah bukak custom made order, i announce ye? :)

idina: expecting it to arrive today! :D

nasuha: sebab kaler dia kot nasuha. hee~ mura n simple jek kotak dia ni. pening gak ms nk buat ;)

ann: thank you ann! i plan to use 100% of what i've bought rather then keep buying new stuff. and yeay, i manage to do that this time :D hmm, but i don't think i can stop buying craft stuff, it's our addiction right? :D

MIZNINA said...

OMG!!! cant wait to have the book in my hands...its lovely :D

tenks dearie :D

As said...

miznina: you're most welcome ♥ as rs buku smpai hr ni. huhu~ do let me know ye both of you kalau dah smpai :)

*Idina* said...

As~ buku dah sampai!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks you so much! Love it!! =D

eL said...

As, would you mind to share with us how u turn the corrugated paper into a box? Much thanks :-)

As said...

idina: yeay!!!! :D

eL: insyaAllah when i have time, i'll snap some pics as tutorial ya? ;)

Yuenie said...

the boxes are so pretty!
I so agree with you about using old things =) it's so much better and more economical, but i can't help going shopping at craft stores and buy buy buy. It's addictive! Especially Craft Haven =)

As said...

agree yuenie! me addicted too. but i never went to craft heaven. oh, you makes me eager! :D

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