Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Hero ♥

while quilling,

"when i grow up, i want to open quilling shop just as you", says him.
"oO, means you want to compete with me?", i asked him :P
"OF COURSE!" *while seriously focus on his creation*

haha! :)) he's been the most loyal person to be beside me from the first time i quill 7 years ago (he was 4 years old at that time) n until now, he is the only one who really really really love quilling. oh, another thing is he follow my style, quill with fingers! (see pic above)

there are what he did last night :D
oh, look at the frog's mouth and cheek! =))

my sweet little brother, my hero! ♥


Cards by Cheryl said...

you are so lucky

Solehah Muhammad said...

mesti mail nak buat katak kaaaaan? aku da tau daa. tu badan dia wane ijau pastu tu dah jadik mata diaaaaa :)

As said...

i felt the same way too :) and you know what, our youngest sister get envy when i take his picture, so she try to make one tonight.

currently wait for him to finish his creation and will update this entry with what he did tonight. come again and see ya? :D

As said...

solehah: true! tengah upload gambar dia ni :)

As said...

cheryl and solehah: i've added the pic! :D

Solehah Muhammad said...

the butterfly is so u! ^_^

As said...

leha: but he choose the color himself :) hehehe

Solehah Muhammad said...

yep..the colour tu mmg bukann so u laa :p hehee..male butterfly ;)

aLiYaH aHmAd said...

ayat die bunyi matang

Ann said...

That is so sweet and he's quite good at quilling.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

oooohhh you are so lucky...wish I have a brother too huhhu....this is so sweet!

As said...

leha: haha! mana tau dia jantan? :P

ali: die sedih ibu tak bg ikut g quilling workshop for kids weekend ni. haha! nampak tak betapa dia suka quilling? ohh~

ann: i'm quite impress too ann. i think, another one, or two years, SR will have another one designer! :D

kak lin: yes, i felt so lucky but why oh why when they quill, i have to clean up all the mess?! haha!

you guys know what, his little sister felt envy when i take pic of him. and she did one last nite. i must share what she did later on. she did something represents her feelings. poor her ;)

si jenab said...

thats my KEROPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!

As said...

hei i just realize that. haha! :D

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