Friday, November 26, 2010

My Angel's Expression

Last  night while my hero busy quilling and i'm excitedly taking pictures of him, i saw my little angel (which is our youngest sister) sat back at the corner of my room with her sad expression since she know she's not creative enough as her brother. actually, she is a happy go lucky kid and love to do everything at once! talking a lot while eating, telling stories each time we gather together, singing while bathing, recording videos of her teddy bears talking and fighting. etc. etc :P

so i told her, "why don't you make one simple quilling first. you need to practice more if you want to be like your brother. i promise to take picture of it and share at Simple Rhyme okey?"

now she feels happy. see the frog (what is that at it's forehead? a sleeping mask! hahah)
i just realize it's the frog that my brother made last night! it's name: keroppi!

so she agrees and she did one last night. and guess what? it's the sad expression! oh, poor my little angel. i felt so sorry and guilty :'( but at the same time, don't you think it's funny? :P

the sad expression: the blue one, she told me it can be two things.
tears or it can be a sweating expression. funny! :))

this evening she makes another one. it's an angry expression. hahah! now i felt ashamed. honestly, sometime i can't control my anger especially when she keep dancing and singing and keep asking me when can i allow her to use my laptop to play games while i'm trying to focus to do my research. argh!! hahah. bad sister i am.

the blur face but still she's an angry lady. grr.. haha!

anyhow, i really enjoy seing her quilling. never thought of making expressions in my art. she gave me an idea! :D

my angel, my angel :') ^__^


minamisensei said...

children art is like a charm...
we need to look n understand more than kids painting there are alot of expression been put the way...that is a new idea of quiling..emoticon..uhhuuh

Ann said...

I would say she has a very creative mind to come up with quilling expressions. I think they're very cute

Allycat said...

Children make the best art! I love the innocence and simplicity of these 2 designs, a quiller in the making!

As said...

zam: so true zam! :D

ann: i do think that way too ann. she have the ideas, she just need to practice more. heheheh~ :P

As said...

ally: i must tell her all the comments here to boost her spirit up :D hoping the same way too, for they both can help me in future! or at least continue this art to grow in our family ;)

Solehah Muhammad said...

tanya nana, apsal ayer mata tu lebih besar dr mata? hahaa! ;p

As said...

haha! sebab ak bg kertas sm panjang :P

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