Thursday, September 2, 2010


hello! :) sorry for being silent these days. i am currently busy learning how to knit! oh my. i have a lot of work to do, but i just can't stop knitting! ;)

above here is one small ball that i've knit {so proud of myself, since it's my firts time} and attached with it is a "happiness" tag. along with the tag is a flower made by flower punch! i have to make this more in future. it's so easy! ^__^

will update more soon ;)
have a nice day everyone ♥


Ann said...

I can crochet but I've never quite gotten the hang of knitting. Very cool ball and I love the tag you attached to it

As said...

thank you ann! i've done crochet once ago. n compare to knitting, i prefer crochet ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, cantiknyee :)
akak belajar mengait dkt mane?

As said...

anonymous: blajar di youtube! ;)

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