Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diana Mini {with Flash}

remember my entry about me trying to make Diana F+ camera? well, instead of making it, i make her mini version with flash. actually f+ and mini has no different except it's size. and since i make this quilling diana in a very small size {width:2.5cm}, i assume i'm making diana mini ;)

now the challange is card's decoration. hmm, this time it's simply like below. i guess it looks great on its own :P {actually i have no idea. haha!} by the way, i make this card only for fun. don't know why my heart felt like really2 want this camera RIGHT NOW! >.< huhu~

to compare: here's the link of actual diana mini. looks almost the same rite? :P


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

The camera looks just cute on it's own. And the wording you made with the red paper is perfect! I like it just the way it is. All attention is focused on the quilled camera itself. I love it! I don't know how you did it...it's so tiny!

Rosie said...

Asma' that is soooo cute, I love it!

As said...

kak lin and rosie: thank you! :D fells like want to make more :P err..

Ann said...

I just found your blog when I saw your comment on another blog and decided to check yours out. I'm so glad I did. Look at all the lovely quilling you've done. This camera is so adorable. Now I'm going to go over and click follow so I don't miss anything :)

As said...

hello ann! thank you very much and i am really welcome you to my blog :) thank you also for following this blog. will update more soon. have a nice day! ♥

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