Friday, July 9, 2010


things are getting messed up recently. the day i go out delivering the bookmarks, i take the whole day off and meet my friends. im so happy!

but when i'm home, everything seems back to as it is. i work really slow and suddenly i don't know where all the motivation had gone?! =.='

my first try making a sad bear (2007)

so i want to say sorry for the order that i have to delay. seriously, doing many job all alone by myself is not easy. sometime i just can't found even a small space to myself T.T so, i hope all of you can understand. but no worries, this weekend i'll make sure all the delay will be sent by monday, okay? i promise! ;)


Allycat said...

Hey As, sometimes it can get that way so you're not alone. Take a break and soon you'll be back on track again. Looking forward to seeing more of your creative quilling!

As said...

thank you ally :) i'm sure will be back on track again cuz i have you and all who always support me from behind :) thank you so much! xx!

will post another new design soon ;)

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