Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Presents

designed for belated birthday girl. i simply create four small tiny little presents arranged them in random positions :)

i used basic colours {red, green, blue, etc.} and it makes me feel like ... this card is from previous century, perhaps! classic yet colouful. wierd yet fun! ;) don't you think? err.. or maybe i have to improve more in matching the colours. huhu~


Allycat said...

This is so sweet, how clever of you to create these little pressies. Been making loose coils today to practice, not as easy as it looks! By the way As, what length of quilling paper is best on average? Also, could you pls tell me how long is the paper strip for each square in the present? And do you cut your strips by yourself or do you use paper shredder? So many questions..... :)Thks for your help xx

As said...

thank you ally ;)

it's okay for asking but im afraid my experience might limited the explanation. but i try ya?

okay, it actually depends on size that you want to make. so, the more you experience by yourself, the more you know how long the paper should be for the desired size. it also actually depends on type of paper. some paper are easily loose. for this particular square, i use the length of A4. 11cm i guess. i'm using shredder to cut them.

btw ally, don't worry about the length. what is important is you try to make more experiment, then the skill will come to you later. honestly, i quill without using any tools. just use my ten fingers and guess the size. the more you practice, the more neat and fast you become.

so all the best! let your art spirit control your body. and happy quilling!

xoxo ^^

Allycat said...

Thanks As, you're absolutely right. I shall carry on my quilling practice :) I can't believe you create all these wonderful things just by quilling with your hands! Can I pls ask one more Q - is there a particular type of paper that is better than others? I see you and others have all sorts of colours, just wondering where's the best place to buy? Thks for your help.xx

As said...

type of paper better than others, for me normal paper, you know the assorted colours A4 papers. they just loose nicely rather than others. and when i shred them, both side is still in good condition. some papers, does not. but honestly, regardless of all the pros and cons; in arts, it's not a big deal actually. each will hold their own uniqueness when they became an object. what matter is how you manipulate them ;) oh, am i talk too much? hehe.

place to buy, i bought form every place that i've went. you see, when you saw different colours which you never have in your stock, just grab it at least two pack. it might be usefull one day, when you are inspired! ^^

mimie said...

asma: cantik!!!!
xsmpi ati nk bg..camne nih....arghh~~~ =p

As said...

mimie: hehehe. tengkiu!! ;) next time tempah lagi untuk simpanan sdr pulak :P

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