Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nature Theme Handbound Books {with Quilling Decoration} ─To Be Win!

i am now really addicted in making books especially in binding/sewing part. tadaaaaaaaaa! ^__^

and even though i know there's still a lot to be improved, i'm happily to announce that i've made these two nature theme books to be given to two lucky person! :D so in other words, it is my first giveaway! ^_^

prize #1: daisies handbound book

prize #2: beauty of forest handbound book

this giveaway is open to Malaysian citizen. and two lucky winners will be selected by random selection or perhaps i may use random.org. much more fair isn't it? ;) There are only two possible entries to be choose. and please make sure after that you leave comment at this blog entry along with your name as well as your active email address to be contacted if you're win. The two ways to enter are:
  1. 'Like' Simple Rhyme's page OR/AND
  2. follow this blog.
i am grateful if you could share this entry at your facebook's wall or write a short entry at your blog (feel free to leave the entry's url). but it's an optional :) this contest will ends on 30th November 2010 11:59pm.

that's it. so, good luck everyone! :D

*prize description: 160 pages of blank white paper, size: ±14.5cm x 11cm, cover/back page by DCWV chipboard mat satck (neutral colours), quilling decoration: 3mm width, shredded papers


eifa90 said...

super duper cute !!!


Szakif said...

Asma', aku tahu ni memang macam tak ikhlas bunyinya sebab baru sekarang nak turunkan komen, tapi FYI aku dah lama ikut blog ko ni dan tak pernah terlepas tengok entri2 baru lebih2 lagi pasal quilling. Hehe...

Makanya, kalau nak contact aku kalau aku menang, ni la dia emel aku: az_zakingompol@yahoo.com.


tqot said...

wah...cantik nyer k.cmak...hopefully tiqa blh mnang!hehe...kalo akak jual ni braper la erk...ari 2 tiqa ada pg iGEM kt klcc..kt exhibition 2 ada 1 booth 2 dia wat enviromntal friendly punye merchandise..dia ada wat buku cam akk gak tp bukn quilling la...die ada buh cm design yg timbul n comel gak...keep it up kakak!

MisFyd said...

Cool! Nak join! Would luv to get the beauty of forest handbound book!

Here's my active add: f.dy.accessories@gmail.com

p/s: I'll put your blog link in my crafter list ;)

ezkraf said...

hi kak as....comey+cute+kagum nye....nak join jugak n hope bleh le menang ek...


Bronwyn said...

Lovely books.
I am not entering as I am in Australia

Ann said...

Those are beautiful and I can't see where there needs to be any improvement, they look perfect to me.
have fun with your giveaway and good luck to everyone entering.

msraiza said...

hai As....

nak join...dan nak menang.. harap2 ada rezeki....hehhe

my email : creamzzz@yahoo.com

msraiza @ cinta craft

shaminatasneem said...

cool! its soo beautiful!!!! would love the forest design.. :)
quilling is such a beautiful art...

count me in!

my email shaminatasneem@gmail.com

Erpha Ahdayani. said...

this is the FIRST TIME that i EVER wanted to participate in a giveaway contest!

I like natural colours soooo much and your handmmades always make me keep visiting your blog. I don't want to compliment too much, and yes I do know the winner is only chosen by random. but I think you deserve two thumbs up from me for your oh-so-lovely! work. I wish I can make those handmade books for myself. in fact, i found the guide book in a bookstore but i dare not to try (and time is luxury for me).

i wish i could have your bookmark but then since you've mentioned that no custom orders at this moment, so... i just wish i could win this! :)

my email: erphaahdayani@yahoo.com

Hanin Farhana said...

How I wish I could be as creative as you are, As.. :) I love your craft work, especially this one.. Everyday, I will browse your blog to see any new entry because I really adore the neatness of your handwork.. would be really grateful if I am the chosen one.. would love to have this handmade book..


*Idina* said...

I want one toooooooooooooo!!!! =)



craft.by.bea said...

I want to join...cute..I love them...

mail : craftbybea@gmail.com


So, I muts Like + Follow the blog yea?

oh my email: nirwana.ts@gmail.com, I akan sembahyang sunta hajat untuk menang ni...yeehaa!!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

OMG!!!! These handbound books are so gorgeous!!! I'm not entering but I just want to say how speechless I am looking at your artwork....you are getting more and more amazing at what you do dear....I am so proud of you!!!! Keep making more and more gorgeous handbound books!!!


julianasuparman said...

wah nk jugk...
gorges btul handbound ni...


nisa said...

nak2!!..comel sangat.


Totot said...


sazalina said...

Bru nmpk post ni kat FB..dh bersusun org joined. Hope saza ada rezeki utk dapatkannye because i'm really adore you colour combination dan kekemasan setiap art yg as hasilkan. this handbound books are really amazing!!love it! keep up your good work girl!


miz nurul said...

gojes + fabolous + fantastik !!

kak as mmg superb seyh! thumbs up!

(err..kak..nk pinjam tgn akk yg kreatip tu bleh...ngee~)


Rozieta Rafar said...

nak yg nie...
comel.. cantik..
nak.. nak.. nak...


aQeeLah said...

want to join oso :)


p/s:br terpikir tuan blog tak wat giveawy ke?hoho,all the best kak asma'

kuehapam said...

aku dah buat requirement nye kak.

so apa lagi??

Syugurin said...

Liked & followed. :))

email: myakimoriji_23@yahoo.com

Solehah Muhammad said...

jap! aku nak gelak baca komen Nirwana Tuan Sariff, hahahaa! buat, jangan tak buat solat sunat hajat tu yerk :p

As said...

wow! less than 24 hours, i got so many responses! :D {HAPPY!!}

♥ thank you all for entering this giveaway and for all the positive, wonderful, sweet and encouraging comments. i really enjoy reading all of them :D ♥

♥ for my international friends: i hope one day i can spent some budget to make this giveaway for all including you guys :) anyhow, thank you very much for supporting me from far :D ♥

noted for those who forgot to leave their email address, please do so ya? and for those who did'nt enter yet, i am here welcoming you to join us :)

GOOD LUCK!! *oh i can't wait for the end of this month! :D

Love {♥}, As

saOd yg bAhagia said...

kak as!! hehehhehe~~

nk join jugak...heeeee~~ =))

orait,ni email saod..

time kasih kak as~~

oyenks said...

nak join jugak! :D
envy dengan segala artworkkkk di sini
semua comel-comel and menggiurkan


minamisensei said...

zam here...
hehe best kot adiah idea..u have great passion in quiling keep it up and create a lot more gorgeous stuff...envy u in a good way


m@Ri@ said...


rieyanee_1125@yahoo.com (maria)

夜 小 猫 said...

hi =) it's my 1st time to pay a visit here
nice to meet you

your handmade stuff is nice and interesting
i like the handbound book very much..
you make it so neat !!
i try to make it before, but not as nice as yours XD

this is ku-ching =)
email: icewinx@gmail.com

Hayati Hanuni Halin said...

asma' ahmad bahari:

heheheheh.... nway, im not good in words by i do really want to give my sincere comment (not for the sake of winning this competition).

S-simple..it describe ur work honey! even simple but the output (output???hahhahaha..result laaa) very awesome and trust me, cantik!!! handboudbook yang cantik!

I-impossible for me to do just like the way u do for this craft thingy! and u had once told me that "even ada org yang wat sama macam kita wat, tapi nilai seni tu yg membezakan!" yes,so true...

M-marvelous! heheheh...i like every idea of your artwork!

P-Pandai nye cemak quil2 benda2 ni siap jahit2 binding lagik!hahahahha...mungkin faktor jari2 ko yang halus mulus itu!

L-Love it! i like every piece of your artwork in this quilling world! me lovin' it!

E-Every masterpiece ko, ko takkan rotate kan die nye design! heheh...sgt unik!

R-Rajin! asma' bahari mmg rajin...aku penah tengok ko quil bunga2 untuk membentok satu LOVE yang besar! heheh...even ko claim ko malas, tp aku tau passion ko cene untuk this thing! heheh

H-Happy! bile boring2, jengok blog ko ni siyesli rase happy and aku akan bermonolog "cantik nya!" "wowwww" tapi... aku takder duet lagi nak beli..nanti ye...

Y-Yatihanuni like this! thumbs up!

M-menarik tetarik mmg vavavoooom!

E-eekekkekeke....ni ikhlas dari aku tau cemak... komen ni ikhlas sepanjang 6 tahon aku tgok ko dalam bidang ni... you go girl!
Idea handbound book ni sgt kretif! ko pandai dan penuh dgn idea...

people! sokong la this girl and may ur dreamsss come trueeee~


Azilah said...

As! Akak nak join la... hehe.. sudah lama follow pun. You can contact me via my blog (http://cupcakecraftandcard.blogspot.com) or email: cupcakecraft@gmail.com


diana said...

it so beautiful handbound book (:


nadia said...


thumb up :D

tropika_171@hotmail.com (nadia)

Anonymous said...

akak as, saya dh lama follow jgk, saya suka sgt semua yg akak buat, saya nk beli, tp xboleh. asyik CLOSE FOR ORDER je. hehe.
so, saya nk join jugaa, :)


luthien said...

hello Ahmad :)
i came here via cupcake craft & handmade cards :) it's so wonderful to see another malaysian book crafter!! your work is beautiful and very well made. i can see that you take pride in your work :) i have a fren who likes quilling. i will forward the link of your blog to her :)

good luck with the giveaway ... anyone who wins your work is a lucky girl!! :)

luthien :)

rise-up said...

salam..xtau nk describe the best word apa.tapi cantikk sangat. ras penah try buat quilting tuk beday mak.tapi xjadi cantik..but mak ras suka.
hopefully dgn join ni,ada peluang menang.dan bole kasi kat mak quilting yg kemas dan cantik ni.

thank you :)

Aura Besi said...

Wah wah~ karya handmade ni priceless. sebagai rakan sepermainan asma' waktu sekolah dulu, aku melibatkan diri tanda sokongan. :)


Cik Syura :) said...

email: asyurra_28@yahoo.com

ShwariaT said...

Lovely handmade book Asma. Amazing creativity you have. I really admire your work.

Hats off girl!

Would love to join. This is my first time joining a giveaway.


nurezzat said...

salam.. cantek nye handmade k.asma..
ezzat nak join jugak lah..
ga yang sangat menarik.. hadiah pon menarik.. huhuhu..

nama : nurezzat ezzattie
email : n.hazatie@gmail.com

keep it up yaww k.Asma..

sayalah! said...

Precious handmade, Kak Asma (:
count me in.

Hazira Hanapi

Here's a short entry in a blog of mine :)


Joe said...

You've got great crafty hands! :)

Keep it up!

Joe - joe_toh87@yahoo.com

Miyyah said...

Love the albums..especially the abstract swirls. :D best kan buat technique itu hehehe! Semua org sudah buat giveaway ni, bila sendiri punya turn pulak haha..

Konon2 nak try nombor 30-an, mana tau kot2 lucky no, lepas tu terlepas hehe.. no 40+ atau 50+ pun boleh la. here's my email add: miyyah@gmail.com (ngada2 kannn)

Nini The Cokelat Celup said...

join jg! nice!!sgt suka hasil tangan.. class..

active email: syafinimarzuki2gmail.com

name; norsyafini

anin said...

wah sgt kagum..b4 ths tgk omputih je uat ..tk pnh lg tgk mlysian hndmade

keep up yr good work n all da best


anin ;)

Allycat said...

As, you have outdone yourself. These books are spectacular! The books are beautiful and I love the colours you have used. Thanks for your generous giveaway. Hey, all my msian blogging frens are doing giveaways, I have to do so soon as well...hmm what to make, I can't do better than yours As! Well done. Keeping my fingers crossed I will be lucky :)
Hugs, Allycat

iemaniza said...


i'm joining..
nice handbound books!!


Syida said...

hye kak as..sy join..suka tengok handbound books tu..cantik...

ni email sy:pink_likeprincess@yahoo.com


BSZ said...

name: BSZ
email: silver_09_butterfly@yahoo.com

cantik..!! :)
keep it up~~

eena said...

so sweet la...le wat album tak...


jundimasyi_mumtaz said...

salam, nice handmade..really like it..


asma HazeLnut said...

As..already a follower and like ur Simple Rhyme page..plus with an entry in my blog! nak prize no 2 tu! tee hee!!!


Nur Asma

Huda said...

good job simple rhyme :)
love it too..


::Nurul:: said...

akak kite nak ni emel kite...hehe
cantik la akak...


kalo xpat pun xpe...nanti akak wat kite beli ngan akak ^_^

MIZNINA said...


Izyan Nadiah said...

Sangat cantek :)

Izyan Nadiah
email : izyanadiah@yahoo.com

jura-rahim a.k.a mrs tycoon said...

Salam tuan tanah ..
nak jooin juga dah follow n like di fb ...

emel : djura1812@gmail.com


shera haifa said...

beautiful handbound book..
like to get it,,
if i'm da one that are lucky
contact me


pikaka said...

nak join jugak~~~!


✿AiNnA✿ said...

saye dah buat due2..heee

name: ainna
email: qistina_balqis2004@yahoo.com

fuzzy aka faziah said...

nak join jgak...
wish me i'm the lucky one...

email: faziah_82@yahoo.com

InezArt said...

Hi:) I'm impressed. I love the the little book "Handbound Books", which you set in this post and in the past. These included previously are beautiful and I question whether you can tell me the secret of how they are doing?

If I wrote something with the errors I apologize. I don't speak and write English very well.

Anonymous said...

sangat cantik. . ..i love it sooo much and i want it c=

email : putrinora84@yahoo.com
syikin arshad

PURPLE SHY said...

Nice Babe.
So gorgeous.
Already admire your handmade.

... Ana... said...

Mmg cantik betul........
arap2 la mng


Dini said...

kalau menang mesti best kan


amani said...

cute nye buku ni...add me in the list ya~


Qaqa Pencinta Giveaway said...

cantik gile! garapnye iqa dapatla hadiah ni..

Cik Iqakiko

Saravella said...

Hello there,

Love what you're doing.. Keep up the good work!!
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”


farahD said...

hi i'm interested !

follower 146 =P

Anonymous said...

i like it very mucho


Lisa said...

wish i can be as creative n neat as u..

i join ur giveaway.here's the link


my email:

hasinunyarqie said...

santek sangatt!!:)

fb: hasni sofika hasan

asfa ansary said...

salam As :)

u pick the winner randomly rite?

i wish i can win! insyaAllah.

liked simple rhyme already.


may u being blessed, every now and then.

my email : ashfa_ansary@yahoo.com

actually, im a newbie in this quilling art. but really2 fall in luv with it!! :D

-- klorox -- said...

nice blog, nice work! :)
gonna need all the luck in the world! hihi :P

email: intan.atiqah@gmail.com

mangosteenskin said...

I wish to win asma's handbound book!! x 1 juta kali. Hehe..

LOVE x 1 bilion kali.


ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Salam perkenalan,dik..akk sama2 sertai yea...

Moga bakat yg Allah anugerahkan ni dapat dijadikn sumber pendapatn dan moga bakat adik ni jadi penguat smngt utk org lain mencuba.

ni email akk yea:


Yuenie said...

Hi Asma!
Such sweet pastel colours =) count me in!


As said...

hello everyone! the giveaway is officially closed now and i will inform the winners soon.

anyhow, thank you very much for your entries, and i really really do appreciate all of you and all the comments really makes me happy, and had touched my heart ♥

thank you again dearies!! :D

*note that double entries will be deleted before i can proceed to random.org. and if, the number hits the comments that does not enter the giveaway, new hit will be done.

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