Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Ribbon {Breast Cancer Awareness Month}

breast cancer is one of the most killer disease to women; and to some men also. and therefore, since 1985, if i'm not mistaken, October has become an official month for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month {NBCAM} ─anybody notice it? this yearly event is aim to increase the awareness of this disease, so that people will take action to prevent and lower down the risk of getting it. plus, to raise the fund too. honestly, i just knew this since last year, and i almost forgot it this year! *how forgetful i am :-S* anyhow, it still not too late to wear pink ribbon right? ;)

i've made one pink ribbon by using quilling strip.
oh, please don't mind the background. that's part of my workload ;)

therefore, my condolence to those who have lost their love one because of this {me have lost one too :'(} and for those who still fight in this battle, i hope you stay strong and become stronger each day. those who still didn't take early detection, i hope you do so as fast as you can. and please please please, take a good care of your breast, women! oh, men also.

you can read more about breast cancer here. this official website shares everything about breast cancer including symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and the side effect, daily matters and how to low the risk of getting it. they also have chat room and discussion board :)

till i write again, have a healthy life, and may you have a great weekend! love, As.


Ann said...

I don't think that it's ever too late to wear a pink ribbon. I would say that they are appropriate any time of the year. This was a good reminder for anyone who may not have known

Solehah Muhammad said...

ya ampun dear, aku takleh tgh simbol yg banyak tu >.< huhuu. cukup lah sampai add math spm je, hahaa

As said...

ann: so true ann! i'm totally agree with you. as women, we must always concern about this matter everday. just, sometime we are too busy and forgot about this. perhaps, more campaign in certain month can always remind us to not to neglect our breast health :)

leha: haha! kau igt ak tak serik ke blaja math bertahun? rezki ak kat sini, lov ;) tp bagus jugek, asah otak kiri biar jgn idle

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