Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black & White Cat

err.. sorry it's bookmark again. and.. and.. next entry is scheduled to be bookmark also. hee~ :P hope you don't get bored. huhu~

anyway, anyone loves cat? ^^ i have one at home. we call him "gemuk". or in english means "fat". oh yes, he's getting fatter everyday! :D


asma HazeLnut said...

maiGod..cantik..kemasssss je..[bace dlm nada iklan nescafe harith iskander--halusss je]hehehe


first entry tuk kad..maluu..buruk..sile betulkan cacat cela I disitu yer As..hehe

thank u support the beginners like me..hehe

**malu (-_-)"

Allycat said...

Adorable As! I like the black and white design. Thanks for sharing xx

Ann said...

I don't have a cat anymore but I do like them and your black and white cat bookmarks are the cutest.Who could possibly get bored with seeing your creative bookmarks

As said...

kak asma: will visit immediately! hehe ;)

ally: me love black and white too! ♥

ann: thank you ann ♥ :D so happy to read your comments! i really afraid readers getting bored with bookmarks. huhu~

*Idina* said...

Thanks As! love it! =)

As said...

you're most welcome! akak senyap jek igtke tak suke. huhu~ glad you drop this comment ♥ =)

*Idina* said...

Lor, I like! Sibuk sangat last 2 weeks~ hu..

Keep up the cool artworks k! x0x0!

As said...

emm! thank you kak! :D xoxo! ;)

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