Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainbow in My Heart II

i hope you still remember my first version of 'Rainbow in My Heart' card. and after a long time, here i present to you the second version of it. 2 hearts represent 2nd anniversary! ♥

i hope you like this version as well :) until then, happy becoming weekend everyone! ;) i'll be attending reunion on Saturday, Quilling Get Together on Sunday, and my convocation on Monday! :D oh, and still have to finish some more pending orders as well as my research works =.=" i wish i have another pair of hands ;)

got to go, see you soon! with ♥, As


*Idina* said...

Can't wait for the 'cat', hehe~

Go go As!!

As said...

akak, as pos after convo ye? :) probably on tue or wed.

thank you ;) yoshy! ♥

minamisensei said...

gile santekk....segan nak datang ahad nie..hahah

Ann said...

Very unique design, I like it. Sounds like you have a few busy days ahead of you :)

Karuna said...

Very pretty!! i did a heart too but with all swirls... you can see it on my blog :)

*Idina* said...

Sure thing As,;)

Happy Convocation!! Congrats!

Allycat said...

Beautiful As, love the shape of the hearts and the way you have 'filled' it. Lovely techniquexx

As said...

zam: zam tak dtg pon :(

ann: just coming back from my convocation ann. really tiring. but really happy too! :) will update this blog soon. oh, lot's of things to be done and catch up now =.="

karuna: you do? i'll surely check it out soon! ^^

idina: thank you kak! ^^

ally: thanks ally ;) XX ^^

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat cantik!!!!! :)

As said...

kak lin: trimas kak lin! :D

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