Friday, September 17, 2010

Back To Quilling Mode!

hello everyone! oh i really miss this blog :') too many things to be shared here--but i'll make it simple ya? ;)

first of all, my Hari Raya celebration was really great! :D there's a lot of new experiences this year ^^, and as i hope i can spend more days to enjoy this 'eid, time flies really fast; ain't they? now i have to get back to work and finish up all the orders :-S {oh, thank God my dearest customers are all really patient :') -- ♥ u all!}

i've designed my own 'sampul raya' {money envelope}
-which is one of our tradition-for 'eid to be given as a gift for kids ^^

to be honest, new mood after 'eid is hard. i miss quilling so much, but ideas wont come out! >.< luckily, i've ordered  a new paper shredder before 'eid. and when it arrive few days ago, the mood has come and i'm totally excited! ;)

my new tiny little shredder ^^

to be more inspired, i've shred all 27 different colours and put them i my shoe boxes. now it look like a colourful plants! ^^ and it will soon grow as colourful-ideas-flowers ;)

and to refresh back my quilling skills, i've started by decorating this tiny wooden stick with quilling strips and ribbon. i plan to make it as one of the items in doorgift for my sister's wedding this coming January ^^ isn't it a good idea?

oh i think that's all for now. i have to open back my organizer and finish all the orders one by one. will share them with all of you soon. until then, have a happy moment everyone! ♥


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Wow!! Banyaknya As shred! hehe! Mesti exciting kan bila dapat toy baru hehe! Cantik betul warna2 kertas yg As shred tu. :) Boleh KLin tahu apa gift yg As buat utk wedding tu? I couldn't figure out what it's for huhu....

As said...

hehehe.. as realize kalau kita buat ceni, senang kak lin. bila idea dah datang, we can just grab the colour yang kita nak. kadang2, tengok kaler banyak2 ni pun boleh bg inspirasi ^^ and honestly, memang geram dpt bnd comel ni. tak smpai 24jam, as da buli dia. haha! compared to as punya shredder previously, yg br ni gerak lambat tapi tak bising sangat ;) hihi

oh, yang tu simply mcm bookmark, atau tag. as just design atas wooden stick jek tu kak lin. tak tau nk panggil mende tu ape. haha! boleh la kot jd bookmark. ngaa~ tapi main purpose dia, masa bincang dgn kaklong, dia nk something yang boleh letak nama dia and her future husband, and also a thank you note. so, blakang tag ni akan ditampal thank you tu ^^ praktikal ke tak ye? ngaa~

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Kak Lin pun shred banyak2 juga kertas....tapi takdelah organized macam yg As buat tu. Thanks for the idea! I think it's a good idea to separate the shredded paper like that...senang skit nak pilih bila nak guna buat quilling nanti...hhehehe...

Samalah kita, masa Kak Lin dapat paper shredder tu dulu pun camtu gaks...kena buli habis2san hahahaha....I was so excited! So I can understand your excitement with your new PS hehehe.

Your gift tag tu nampak cam lot of work....tapi cantik! Itu belum letak personal thank you note lagi. Personally for me, I don't think I have the patience to do it....especially since kena buat banyak. But I can't wait to see the finished product! Mesti cantik As buat! :)

Ann said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your celebration.
That's some colorful assortment of papers, a box full of rainbows :)
Love the quilling on the craft stick, that was a fabulous idea.

As said...

kak lin: as dpt idea nak asing2kn colour ni ms buat kad rainbow in my heart tu.. hihi..

ngaa~ kalau nk wat weddingny, memang need lot's of effort kan? as pun ad tepikir gak.. takpe2, smpt ag nk generate idea len.. hihi

As said...

ann: hi ann! ^^ thank for your comment. yup, colours of rainbow :) i always arrange my card stock in rainbow arrangement, easily to be picked ;)

Allycat said...

Wow, As those shredded papers look so beautiful,can be a decoration on their own! What a good idea.May I ask where you bought the shredder from, and does it give a clean cut or does it have the usual serrated edges? I prefer straight edge but its a chore cutting strips. Love the decorated lollipop stick - fantastic idea. Good luck to your sis!xx

As said...

ally: thank you ally ;) i see them beautiful too, that's why i capture the pic :P hehe. oh, ive bought the shredder online from lelong. it does not give smooth cut but better then mine previously ^^ you may see the result from decorated wooden stick there ;)

Allycat said...

Thanks As!

Anonymous said...

wow..seriously,i like ur work very much...n i'm very inspired...can i ask u several question..
1)what type of paper u use 4 quilling??
2)how do u stick da quilling on da paper..

i want 2 do the quilling...but i don't know how 2 start it..hope u can help me wif it..thanx..

As said...

hello anonymous, thank you for stopping by to my blog.

i've just make new page entitled "ready vs DIY quilling tools". you may find it right at the bottom of my blog header. i believe you'll found the answer there and even some more tips. do not hesitate to ask more via email or just leave comment at this blog. i'll help as much as i can :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said... much does the paper shredder cost? Including shipping? Is the price the same as the one Miyyah bought at IT Hyperstore?

As said...

kak lin, the price is RM43. bila dah include shipping it become RM52. kak miyyah beli around RM30 right? so mahal sikit la ni. kalau IT hyperstore ad jual online, maybe bole beli dr deorg. ag murah. lately ramai yg mencr shredder dn nk involve dlm quilling lah kan? sukenye! :D

btw, org ad share link company yg jual shredder tu kat page br org. feel free to spread the info ya? sure ramai ur readers yang cr :)

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