Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pre Hari Raya Greetings

Oh can't wait to publish the templates by tomorrow! ^^ well, i still have a bit things to be done. another one design to be added, maybe ;) and also to put the price for each card.

anyhow, just want to give some introduction. the picture down here is one of my draft model which also will be one of the templates for this coming 'Eid Mubarak ^^

so, see you tomorrow! =)


Ann Martin said...

So pretty. I love the way you shaped the flames.

Hayati Hanuni Halin said...

i loveeeeee tis one!!!! heheheheh

As said...

ann: thank you, ann! for visiting my blog also =') sometime the idea pop-out just like that :) don't know where it come from. hehe

yati: plan to do b&w quilling after this. thank you yat! ;)

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