Thursday, July 1, 2010

Galaxy: Planets, Rocket and UFO!

flower, flower, flower. i always hope i can make something different than flower. this time around, my customer wants me to design a card for a guy. so, of course not flower right? inspired by playing Pet Society game, i try to  make an UFO just like what they have in the game. initially, the UFO is like this.

look like a face of an alien right? haha! so again i try different style. and there you go! such a nice and colourful UFO! beep beep! ^__^

add some colourful planets here and there. a rocket. and then, draw some orbits by using silver pen.

and lastly, put a shiny dark blue background to make it a real galaxy look.

aaah, feels like wanna fly up high! ;)


Allycat said...

Wow, this is such a good idea. I like the little astronaut very much. Just goes to show how you can get ideas from anything you experience. Thanks for sharing xx

As said...

glad you like it ally :) thank you ♥ a play a lot of game to gain inspiration. LOL. so childish :P

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