Monday, July 19, 2010

Autumn Theme

oh this time i forgot to put my brand tag as what i did before. but never mind, thanks to technology for the watermark. hehe

autumn theme for birthday. i just love the two paddy. and also the cherry on top of the muffin ;)

oh, by the way. this card is for two people, actually. and my customer wants it to be like two in one. so i divided the card into two part i.e the card has to be open in the middle, where the left side is for the first person, while the other side is for the second one.

oh, i think i have to start design the template for hari raya now. ramadhan is almost near! >.<


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Cantik!!! Makin lawa design atas cupcake tu....yayyyyyyy As dah pandai wat watermark...K.Lin tak pandai watermark...KLin guna Paint application jer...hehehehe

As said...

kehkehkeh. main blasah jek buat cupcake ni kak lin :P btw, for the watermark, as edit guna picasa. kak lin just masukkan text and then reducekan dienye tranparency. siap! software dia boleh download scr percuma dr google ^^

euphoria said...

oooooo... sgt gorjes 2 tangkai padi/gandum ituh!

Allycat said...

As, the colours are so gorgeous. You know the cupcake looks good enough to eat. I think I will be making chocolate cupcakes tomorrow!

As said...

euphy and ally: thank you. but sadly, both cannot be eaten :( sobsob. he :P

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