Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paper Shredder

as i promised to kak lin, this is another entry about my craft tool. even some of my friend also ask, is there any machine did i use to cut the papers? well previously, i just use traditional machines called knife and ruler :P well; using these things make my fingers been cut together also {sometime}. haha! ouch~

then one day {during my undergraduate}, i saw at my department a huge plastic bag consist of shredded papers. "oh! its like my craft!" said me to my friend. i even take two or three {supposedly private and confidential paper} and quilled it in front of my lecturer's office. haha! :)) {playing with rubbish??} well, it actually after office hour. so, everyone had already went home :P

my paper shredder with its dustbin. size: A4. shred size: 6mm

starting that day, i search for this machine. actually, i rarely go out and seek for craft shop. so i only found this expensive thing at popular :( oh my my. why this machine cost more than hundred?? but, i really need this thing! >.< so, patiently, i collect money and start saving for RM210 shredder. i've bought it last year on september. and regardless of its price, i'm glad it helps me a lot especially during peak season such as hari raya and final exam :') really helpful! wiihuu ^__^

until few days ago, kak miyyah told me that she bought a shredder with only RM29! OMG! feels like wanna cry! for A4 size, it only cost RM39 :'( huhu.. for me what matters is the shred size. hers is 3mm. what a perfect size! mine is double. so the quilled became a bit high. oh plus, it works with usb. not a plug. what a great feature with so much much much cheaper than mine. wuu~ T__T

so dear quillers, i share this mistake experience to all of you so that you guys know that quilling can be so much fun without having to spent a lot of time for cutting papers. plus, the proper place and reasonable price to find paper shredder. here, i share the link of kak miyyah's entry about her cute lil machine ;) and last but not least, enjoy quilling!!


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Asma'..thank you so much for sharing the photo of your paper shredder with everyone....yours looks so high tech! hehehe! no wonderla so expensive. huhuhu.....I can't wait to buy my own paper shredder this year!! My hands hurt a lot already from using the razor and ruler to cut those paper strips huhuhuhu....

As said...

go kak lin! you should buy it as soon as possible.. before ur fans demands a lot for quilled design ^__^ hehe

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